Logistics Services

Import and Export Logistics Services

Services of customs clearance with great agility in almost all the Brazilian ports and airports offered by Transcargo.


Transcargo offers customs clearance services with a great agility in practcally all Brazilian ports and airports. In the field of import, the services include the buying order management, icense and follow-up of the process, customs transit, shipment instruction, Follow-up of the cargoes arrival, import declaration, fiscal note issuance (system), road transport coordination and follow-up on line. The services are performed according to the needs and the customers profit with a competitive , realistic and pratical solution.

Transcargo also offers special services, such as the elaboration of draw back projects; acquirement of import license for used material; all the procedures for the annual import license before organs such as Health Ministry, Agriculture Ministry and others;

Import of goods under the temporary administration system, loan, rent and others; requirement of "ex" rates before competent authorities; elaboration of processes of efficacious consult and rates classification; elaboration of customhouse entrepot and inventories control.

In order that the import can be performed, each product will be analyzed regarding the tariff classification. Information such as code, weight, unit cost and external supplier, lead time (delivery deadline), freights, insurances and the financial operationalization demanded in the exchange. We will issue a costs table of the product in the factory with the applicatiion of incentives and benefits in order to present to our customer the best in import.

Our activity in the process of import and nacionalization of the product can be related in short in the following items:
  • Credit letter opening or negotiations  regarding ways of payment before external suppliers.
  • Requests collocation (purchase orders) before suppliers.
  • Follow-up of the requests put.
  • Follow-up of the  "back-orders"
  • Preparation and issuance of the “ Import License – SISCOMEX”
  • Consolidation of cargo abroad.
  • Hire of the product insurance.
  • Hire of national and international freight.
  • Goods receipt, transport to warehouses with license from the customs.
  • Goods warehouse.
  • Preparation of the DI-SISCOMEX  and fees calculation.
  • Payment of  import fees.
  • Fiscal Note of  entrance issuance.
  • Nacionalization of goods.
  • Follow-up of the product  delivery in the customer installations.
  • Issuance  of statistic and management reports.
  • Transport of the goods from the factory to the shipment place, and also from the warehouse to our customers house.


The services of customs clearance of Transcargo in the export field include outsourcing of departments, confecction of documents (RE, commercail invoice, origin certificate, packing list, issuance of BL/AWB, bank negotiation, exam of credit letter, instruction for the issuance of fiscal note, booking and booking confirmation, transport coordination, payment of freights and fees, hire of insurance and follow up on-line).

Issuance of all the documentation regarding the export process, from the oring to the destination. In the process we will be identifying the real needs of the customer and demonstrative tables will be issued for the appreciation and approval of the project.

  • Schedule, requests.
  • Logistics and hire of insurances and freights.
  • Commercial Invoice.
  • Origin Certificate.
  • Packing List and R.E issuance.
  • Shipment  instruction.
  • Inspection request.
  • Evaluation of the process cost.
  • End of the process.
Dispatchh of the documentation related to the process to the customs broker / customer. Follow-up of the process of the goods advancing any problem, avoiding delays in the process.